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Solar panel cleaning company. West palm Beach, FL Increase your energy by as much as 30%. Free Estimates & family owned. Solar Panels must be clean and free of debris so that they can produce an much energy as possible.

Cleaning of your system can really save you money. With power loss up to 30% on a dirty panel, it doesn’t make sense to not to have your panels cleaned to 


keep peak performance. Manufacturers require cleaning and maintenance of your system in order to warrant non-failure. People are often misinformed and think the rain will clean their panels. With a dirty solar panel, the rain will make your dusty panels muddy, collecting more debris and more build up. People also think that the rain will ruin your clean panels after a cleaning, the rain will not do any damage, as there will be no dirt to affect.


The latest new phase of cleaning  is solar panel cleaning. The technology has come a long way and more people are taking advantage of solar panel energy. To get the most energy out of your system you should have them cleaned at least once a year. We recommend that you clean them 2-3 times a year depending on your environment.

A solar panel provides your home with cheap, clean energy. To work more effectively, a solar panel needs to be located on the outside of house and unblocked by any other objects. This gives your solar panel the best performance possible, but it also leaves your solar panel extremely exposed to the harsh elements. A dirty solar panel will not function to its full potential.

Solar panels are generally installed on top of roofs in the direct path of the sunlight. These solar panels will protect your roof from the weather elements, but they extremely expose themselves. Your rooftop solar panels will take all of the beatings that your roof would normally experience.

Softwashing For Solar Panels

At Solar Shine FL, we have the right process to effectively clean your solar panel system from the ground or the roof using a combination of reverse osmosis/de-ionized water and a water fed pole. Solar panels are often placed on the roof of a building for optimum sunlight contact. Like your roof, your solar panels are subject to the harsh elements year in and year out. Pollen, Dirt, Algae and Mold have the ability to affect the amount of sunlight that your system can collect. Cleaning your solar panel system is more difficult than most people think. It will take more than just a spritz of water and the use of certain chemicals can ruin the solar panel.


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