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Why do you need to clean your solar panels?

Many people don’t worry about cleaning their solar panels. “Why should I clean my solar panels when it costs money and takes time?” they ask. They figure that the rain will wash off any dirt anyway, so what is the big deal? As long as you live somewhere that occasionally gets some rainfall to clear off the dust that has blown on, the logic goes, there is really no reason to worry about cleaning them.

To this line of reasoning, we at Solar Shine FL ask: how’s that working for your car? Or your home windows? Do you ever have window washers come out to take care of your office windows?

The best way to understand why you need to clean your solar panels is to look at your car windshield. Even if you never park under a tree for a bird to poop on it, your windshield still gets pretty grimy, right? There is dust in the air, and when it rains the water brings that dust down on everything, instead of washing it away as you would expect. This is why your car looks dirtier after it rains. Your windshield wipers keep the center part of your windshield clear, but on the outside edge, where the wipers don’t reach, it is always cloudy, grimy, and hard to see through.

This is exactly what happens to your solar panels if you do not get them cleaned regularly. They get cloudy and grimy, and light does not go through them very well. This has many negative consequences for your solar panels, such as:

  • Reducing the output of the panel.
  • Shortening the life of the panel.
  • Possibly voiding your warranty.

Commercial, Utility & Residential Cleaning Wellington, Florida & all of Palm Beach County Florida

Solar Panel Cleaning and Washing Services in, Florida

If you are looking for top quality solar cleaning services in Wellington, FL, you have come to the right place at Solar Shine FL! We provide the best solar panel cleaning for homes and businesses in the Palm Beach County area. Whether you are a solar company or a homeowner with a rooftop panel, we can help you improve your solar panel efficiency and get a better return on your solar panel investment.

We provide top solar panel cleaning services for all sorts of solar cleaning needs, including:

  • Residential solar panel cleaning in Wellington, FL
  • Commercial solar panel cleaning in Wellington, FL
  • Industrial solar panel cleaning in Wellington, FL
  • Green solar panel cleaning products in Wellington, FL
  • Top quality solar panel cleaning professional services in Wellington, FL
  • And much more!

When your solar panels are dirty, they don’t produce as much electricity. That means you’re not getting as much return on your investment, whether you are producing electricity to feed into the grid or just trying to power your own house.

When it comes to solar panels, we can help you! Give us a call today for a FREE estimate on solar panel cleaning in Wellington, Florida & all of Palm Beach County.

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